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Awards Product Model Date Source Language Description Country
CPU COOLER PH-TC12DX 01/29/13 TweakTown ENGLISH I really liked almost everything about the PH-TC12DX. The base is milled and slightly convex to make for better contact with all of the pressure from the SoliSku mounting. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 01/29/13 CustomPC Reviews ENGLISH Of the air coolers, you can’t really go wrong with any of them, but my choice cooler here is the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. Performance is fantastic, installation is as easy as it gets, it’s very quiet, it’s aesthetically pleasing with its different color options, and the product simply has a very strong, very premium feel to it. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC12DX 01/25/13 Pro-Clockers.com ENGLISH Overclocking our i7 3930k to 4.3GHz and pumping 1.35 volts into it, we saw the cooler beat out the bigger Evercool Silent Shark. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 01/25/13 Hardware-factory.com GERMAN Doch der Gegenwert für diesen Preis ist unserer Meinung nach angemessen, weswegen wir letztendlich nur zu einer Entscheidung kommen konnten: Gold und die Empfehlung der Redaktion für kompromisslose Luftkühlung. GERMAN
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 01/24/13 Overclockersclub ENGLISH Phanteks has put together a package that works, is not loud, looks good and will keep your processor cool. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 01/21/13 Overclockersclub ENGLISH Phanteks was able to deliver a cooler that delivers a 9% improvement in CPU cooling over the Intel box cooling solution at stock speeds. Delivering cooling on this level with a 2500RPM fan might lead you to expect a banshee in the chassis. Contrary to traditional thinking, Phanteks' TC90LS UFB fan cannot be heard at all when the chassis is buttoned up. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC12DX 12/26/12 HiTech Legion ENGLISH The PH-TC12DX CPU Cooler is the first offering from Phanteks in the mainstream price category. While the Phanteks PH-TC12DX is smaller in stature and price point than its twin tower sibling, the same unique Phanteks features and top notch build quality are there. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC12DX 12/26/12 Overclocking-PC FRENCH Pour un tarif de 50 € en version blanche (et 55 € pour les autres couleurs) , il fait presque aussi bien qu'un des meilleurs produits du marché (malgré qu'il soit sorti en 2010 , le NH-D14 fait toujours parti des meilleurs refroidisseurs en air du marché) qui coute en moyenne 20 € de plus et qui appartient à la gamme supérieure . FRANCE
CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 12/26/12 Overclocking-PC FRENCH Comme vous avez pu le constatez , il n'est pas fait pour etre installé sur un processeur overclocké mais à fréquence de base et en utilisation courante et normale du PC il a fait aussi bien (meme mieux) que le ventirad d'origine et ce beaucoup plus silencieusement  FRANCE
CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 12/11/12 ALLROUND-PC GERMAN Auch der PH-TC90LS von PHANTEKS macht einen soliden Eindruck und weiß durch seine flache Bauweise zu überzeugen. Die Verarbeitung ist gut gelungen, lediglich der weiße Lüfter macht aufgrund des sehr dünnen Rahmens auf den ersten Blick einen etwas wackeligen Eindruck. Das Betriebsgeräusch hält sich in Grenzen und die Kühlleistung ist ebenfalls vollkommen in Ordnung. GERMANY
CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 11/15/12 PUREOVERCLOCK ENGLISH If you’re looking for the perfect air cooler for your small Form Factor or HTPC case then the PH-TC90LS Low profile cooler from Phanteks would be one I highly recommend. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 10/25/12 HITECHLEGION ENGLISH I went for a pretty substantial OC to 4.2GHz with 1.24V to the CPU, and the Phanteks PH-TC90LS handled it without breaking a sweat. USA
http://elchapuzasinformatico.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Galardon-Plata.png CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 10/16/12 ELCHAPUZAS
SPANISH Desde del El Chapuzas Informático le otorgamos el galardón de plata al proporcionar un rendimiento muy justo y tener un precio algo excesivo. SPAIN
http://www.hwmaster.com/hwhost/?di=713117666147 CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 10/15/12 HWMASTER ITALIAN Durante i nostri test il dissipatore si è dimostrato un valido prodotto, che vale il suo prezzo, le finiture così come il bundle sono ben curate e di ottima fattura. ITALY
http://www.hardware-factory.com/images/stories/Awards/web/HWF_Award_Silber.png CPU
PH-TC90LS 10/10/12 HARDWARE-FACTORY GERMAN Anhänger besonders schmaler ITX-Systeme dürfen hier quasi blind zuschlagen und wir verleihen dem PH-TC90LS unseren Silber-Award als Anerkennung seiner überraschend guten Leistung und der hochwertigen Verarbeitung. GERMANY
http://www.pureoverclock.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/great_white_bg-300x300.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 10/10/12 PUREOVERCLOCK ENGLISH We feel that the Phanteks PH-TC14CS cooler can perform at even higher clocks with the right chip. USA
Overall 74% CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 10/1/12 BIT-TECH ENGLISH If you're limited to a cooler of 50mm in height or less, then the PH-TC90LS is definitely worth considering. USA
http://www.thinkcomputers.org/ART/ratings/rating9_10_small.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 9/27/12 THINKCOMPUTERS ENGLISH With an load temperature of only 43 degrees this CPU definitely is one of the better air cooling solutions we have seen lately.  The fans are very quiet too, even when they are running at 1300RPM. USA
http://www.hwmania.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/4stelle1.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/25/12 HWMANIA ITALIAN Il Phanteks PH-TC14PE si comporta discretamente, facendo registrare temperature simili a quelle del Corsair H70, superandolo in alcuni casi, pareggiandolo in altri. ITALY
http://www.prolimatech.com/uploadfile/en/newsinfo/201104/201148134518350.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/25/12 LAB501 ROMANIAN PH-TC14 is an excellent cooler, coolers new king of the bench appeared where no one expected. Even if you managed to become the most complete cooler, very good results obtained in the company of titans of cooling the air show that Phanteks engineers have done a very good job ROMANIA
http://www.silentpcreview.com/files/images/recommended.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/31/12 SILENT PC REVIEW ENGLISH The PH-TC14PE has a heavy duty build quality, an excellent mounting system, great cooling proficiency, and a nice set of accessories. It even beats the NH-D14 in one key area — its stock fans are more acoustically sound. USA
Approved Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/28/12 BIT TECH ENGLISH The Phanteks PH-TC14PE put in a superb performance across all out three test systems. When dealing with our overclocked Core i7-2600K on its full fan speed, it equalled the lowest temperature of any air cooler we've tested, with a delta T of 39°C. USA
Hardware Secrets Golden Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/21/12 HARDWARE SECRET ENGLISH For its excellent performance, nice look, and good noise level, we are giving the Phanteks PH-TC14PE our Golden Award. USA
Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler Review CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/16/12 VR-ZONE ENGLISH When it comes to performance, the PH-TC14PE certainly did much better than we ever expected it to, with its thermal performance dethroning even the most popular of high performance CPU coolers available today. USA
Hardware Secrets Golden Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 8/15/12 HARDWARE
ENGLISH The real surprise was the cooling performance, which was on the same level as the best air coolers we have tested so far. USA
HEXUS Performance CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/10/12 HEXUS ENGLISH Bottom line: if it's extreme cooling performance you're after, the Phanteks PH-TC14PE should be near the top of your shopping list. Question is, which colour will you get? USA
FAN PH-F140TS 8/9/12 VORTEZ ENGLISH With its speed-reducing adapters and its other accessories the PH-F140TS could be a good choice as a case fan. It has already proven itself as a heatsink fan. USA
http://dvtests.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Best-Perf-Visual.png FAN PH-F120S 8/4/12 DVTESTS ENGLISH Apart from good performance, both fans offer a pleasant and stylish vision, which is also due to the sleeved in white cable. USA
http://www.thinkcomputers.org/ART/ratings/rating7_10_small.jpg FAN PH-F140TS 7/23/12 THINKCOMPUTERS ENGLISH Aesthetically, the PH-F140TS looks awesome. The white fan housing isn’t something you see very often, and the blade color looks great, especially when spinning USA
http://static.tecnogcdn.com/logo/hard-recomendado.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 7/16/12 TECHNOGAMING SPANISH Cuando comenzamos a estresar todos los núcleos del procesador la temperatura aumenta considerablemente pero manteniéndose estable con picos de 48-49 grados lo cual demuestra el excelente rendimiento y eficiencia del producto en cuestión. ARGENTINA
oro FAN PH-F120S 7/11/12 XTREME
ITALIAN Queste nuove ventole da 120mm saranno certamente un eccellente acquisto per tutti coloro i quali cercano un design avanzato, caratteristiche tecniche di assoluto rilievo, performance elevate ed un’ottima gestione del rumore. ITALY
fk-recommended CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 7/3/12 FUNKYKIT ENGLISH The thing looks absolutely wonderful, the top is violently blue and the rest of the heatsink fins are quite blue as well, while the copper bits are all nickel plated and very shiny. USA
http://www.thelab.gr/gallery3/var/albums/reviews/Review-Badges-V2/PHANTEKS_PH-TC14PE.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 7/3/12 THELAB.GR GREEK Ακόμη και σε σύγκριση με το κορυφαίο Corsair Η100 η διαφορά στο πλήρες φορτίο του Jalapeno ήταν μόλις 3 °C, πράγμα που δείχνει ότι η τεχνολογία της αερόψυξης έχει ανέβει σε άλλα επίπεδα και επίσης δεν πρέπει να ξεχνάμε ότι το H100 για να επιτύχει αυτή τη διαφορά κάνει σαν αεροπλάνο στη φάση της απογείωσης. GREECE
Test 2012 - wydajnosc, glosnosc, montaz Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 6/30/12 OVERCLOCK.PL POLISH Zde­cy­do­wa­ny zwy­cięz­ca te­stu. Oka­zał się naj­wy­daj­niej­szy we wszyst­kich moż­li­wych kon­fi­gu­ra­cjach. Do te­go po­sia­da nie­tu­zin­ko­wy, przy­cią­ga­ją­cy oko wy­gląd oraz ex-aequo z Noc­tua ma naj­lep­szy sys­tem mo­co­wa­nia w te­ście. POLAND
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 6/20/12 OVERBR PORTUGUESE Ficamos impressionados, ea nossa avaliação foi uma das maiores que já se passaram pelo OverLAB. BRAZIL
Excellent product CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 6/20/12 HARD-H20 SPANISH El rendimiento del Phanteks PH-TC14CS es notable; la posición de la placa de pruebas favorece la convección natural tanto del aire como en los heatpipes, por lo que da así un toque extra. SPAIN
http://www.kitguru.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/WORTH-CONSIDERING-300x300.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 6/17/12 KIT GURU ENGLISH The PH-TC14CS combines an attractive aesthetic design with solid build quality.  The array of colours available make it easy to coordinate a new system build with attractive side panel showcasing the components.  This is sure to win the approval of the enthusiast community. USA
ENGLISH So, we see great performance from the Phanteks PH-TC14CS that matches that of the Thermaltake Frio Extreme and even ties up with in a couple of places with its bigger brother, the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 5/30/12 MAXIMUM PC ENGLISH On our overclocked LGA2011 test bed,
the Phanteks PH-TC14PE performed incredibly well: nearly 3 C cooler than the NH-D14
SE2011 and NZXT Havik 120, our previous
http://www.modding.fr/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/approved.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 5/24/12 MODDING.FR FRENCH Je m'attendais à un produit de niveau enthusiast user de la part de Phanteks avec ce produit, et je n'ai pas été déçu. FRANCE
argent100 CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 5/23/12 PC-OVERWARE FRENCH A 4,8Ghz le 212 EVO au ralentit approche dangereusement de la limite des 85°c fixé par Intel, le Phanteks lui se maintient sous les 70°c.Les ventilateurs au plein régime le PH-TC14-CS se fait curieusement coiffer de 7°c par le 212 EVO, une fois de plus le Phanteks ne semble presque pas profiter de l'augmentation de débit d'air. FRANCE
http://www.dragonsteelmods.com/UserFiles/Image/score45-5.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 5/22/12 DRAGON STEEL MODS ENGLISH This is a cooler that is made very well and performs admirably. If you’re looking for something to keep your system cool and remain quiet while doing so then this is the cooler for you. USA
http://www.maximum-tech.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/recommeded-product-award-maximum-tech.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 5/17/12 CHIPLOCO ENGLISH I totally love the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. Its built extremely well, performs great, is very quiet, looks good, but is a massive CPU Cooler. UK
TecnoGaming Editor's Choice CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 5/14/12 TECHNOGAMING SPANISH Ya que permite colocar hasta 3 fanes de 140mm, tiene una calidad de construcción excelente, puede funcionar de manera pasiva, permite su instalación en 90º y sus fanes a bajas rpms son practicamente inaudibles. ARGENTINA
http://www.hwmaster.com/hwhost/?di=313117666140 CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 5/11/12 HWMASTER ITALIAN Grazie alla sue heatpipes possenti e alle sue due ventole da 140mm, le temperature sono inferiori rispetto al concorrente. ITALY
CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 5/9/12 TWEAKTOWN ENGLISH From the limited amount of coolers I have tested in this fashion, I would say the PH-TC14CS is the better choice of the three C-style coolers on the list.  UK
CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 5/7/12 NOTICIAS 3D SPANISH Puesto que ambos soportan bastante bien el overclock y sus prestaciones son lo que cabría esperar, otorgamos al PH-TC14CS y al PH-TC14PE el Premio N3D Buena Elección. SPAIN
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 5/7/12 EXTRA HARDWARE CZECH Phanteks PH-TC14PE obstál v našich testoch na výbornú. Vo všetkých disciplínach bol na vzduchu tým najvýkonnejším, k čomu sme sa doteraz dostali. CZECH REPUBLIC
http://www.profesionalreview.com/images/Imagenes/general/medalla_oro.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/26/12 PROFESIONAL REVIEW SPANISH En nuestro banco de pruebas hemos utilizado el tope de gama de Intel: i7 3930K a 4,6ghz y una placa TOP como la Asus Rampage IV Extreme. SPAIN
http://nsa22.casimages.com/img/2012/04/11/120411042830592715.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/26/12 OVERCLOCKING-PC FRENCH Le rad Phanteks PH-TC14CS m'a bluffé. 
Le rad Phanteks PH-TC14CS a prouvé son efficacité aux travers des différents tests 
réalisés sur un Intel i7 2600K@4,5Ghz.
http://www.pro-clockers.com/images/awards/Editor%27s-Choice.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 4/15/12 PRO-CLOCKERS ENGLISH Yes, looks are one thing and performance is another. But in the case of this particular it has it both. By default the cooler comes with two fans and will support three total. With just the two the cooler is top notch in performance adding a third just throws it over the top. USA
Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/15/12 METKU.NET ENGLISH For cooling performance we didn't have much comparison in this class, so it's hard to really tell how the PH-TC14CS stacks up, but it sure looks like the CS is a good performance cooler of its type. USA
http://occlub.ru/images/posts/awards/home_award_160.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/12/12 OC CLUB RUSSIAN Выпустив второго представителя стана процессорных кулеров компания Phanteks вновь доказала, что способна создавать системы охлаждения, претендующие на звание лучших. RUSSIA
http://www.custompcreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/CPCR-Gold-424x588.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/9/12 CUSTOM PC REVIEW ENGLISH Most coolers start to falter as temperatures rise, the PH-TC14CS actually starts performing better, which is definitely quite interesting – USA
http://elchapuzasinformatico.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Oro.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/5/12 EL CHAPUZAS INFORMATICO SPANISH Como podemos ver las temperaturas son muy buenas teniendo en cuenta el procesador que estamos utilizando. Este disipador sería ideal para cualquier tipo de overclock y CPU gracias a su gran compatibilidad con todos los sockets modernos. SPAIN
Hi Tech Legion Editor's Choice Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 4/1/12 HITECHLEGION ENGLISH The Phanteks PH-TC14CS was designed with three things in mind; lower profile, low noise and top notch cooling. Phanteks delivered better than anticipated results on all three counts, putting the PH-TC14CS at the top of a short list for coolers of this nature. USA
alt CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 3/31/12 INSIDE HARDWARE ITALIAN Ciò che è emerso dalla nostra analisi, è come con il PH-TC14PE, Phanteks sia riuscita senza alcun dubbio a fare un ingresso in grande stile nel mercato consumer, rivolgendosi direttamente alla fascia high-end. ITALY
http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/c0.0.325.325/p403x403/548108_409717929082742_1087554566_n.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 3/31/12 RAZORMAN SPANISH Es el primer disipador que hemos analizado de Phanteks y nos ha dejado una impresión sobresaliente. Está sin duda a nuestro entender en el TOP 3 ( con permiso de Noctua y Thermalright  para nosotros ) en cuanto a capacidad de refrigeración por aire. SPAIN
http://www.pureoverclock.com/wp-content/uploads/awards/editors.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 3/30/12 PUREOVERCLOCK ENGLISH After seeing the performance results, the best way to sum up the Phanteks PH-TC14PE is that it is an outstanding cooler, second to none really, knocking the vaunted Noctua NH-D14 off the throne. USA
Arvosana 9,5 / 10 CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 3/18/12 ANSSI.FI FINNISH Noctua NH-L12:ta ja Coolemasterin Gemin II rasituslämpötila nousi todella korkealle, jopa liian korkealle. Niiden kohdalla kellotuksia ei kannattaisi jättää käyttöön. Yli 60 astetta alkaa olemaan AMD Phenom II X 6 1100T:lle turhan kova lämpötila. Phanteks PH-TC14PE kuitenkin jäähdytti prosessorin helposti ja tuo ero Noctuaan oli huimat 27 astetta. FINLAND
http://www.ghclan.de/handlamp/reviews/awards/silber_xl.gif FAN PH-F120S 3/17/12 MOD-YOUR-CASE GERMAN Bei dem PH-F120S von PHANTEKS handelt es sich um einen Lüfter mit einer sehr guten Verarbeitungsqualität, welcher durch die zwei verschiedenen Farbkombinationen die Krone aufgesetzt bekommt. Die Kühlleistung ist unter Verwendung auf dem Referenzkühlkörper gut. GERMANY
other CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 3/14/12 PCMHZ ROMANIAN Realizarea celor de la Thermalright produce un sentiment de solidaritate, fiind de dimensiuni reduse te face să crezi că nu poate suporta majoritatea testelor ce i se pun în faţă, însă de fiecare dată te surprinde plăcut, e piatra ce răstoarnă carul mare, fiind aproape de vedeta noastră din acest test, Phanteks. ROMANIA
http://www.ghclan.de/handlamp/reviews/awards/silber_xl.gif FAN PH-F140TS 3/4/12 MOD-YOUR-CASE GERMAN In einem geschlossem Gehäuse verrichtet dieser Kühler bei 750 rmp seine Arbeit leiser als verbaute Festplatten. Bei maximaler Drehzahl wird ein Luftdurchsatz von 132,7 m³/h erreicht. Hiermit befindet sich der Lüfter im mittleren Leistungsbereich der auf dem Markt erhältlichen 140mm Lüfter. GERMANY
http://www.ghclan.de/handlamp/reviews/awards/gold_xl.gif CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 3/2/12 MOD-YOUR-CASE GERMAN Schon mit einem verbauten Lüfter schlägt er alle bis jetzt getesteten Kühler auf unserer Testplattform. Mit dem betrieb beider im Lieferumfang enthaltenen Lüfter sind im Idlebetrieb Temperaturen im Bereich knapp über Raumtemperatur möglich. Unter Volllast erreicht der Kühler in dieser Kombination ebenso Bestwerte. GERMANY
http://www.kitguru.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/MUST-HAVE25-300x300.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 2/22/12 KIT GURU ENGLISH A great cooler that offers an unrivalled level of performance. It’s been a long time coming, but finally we can say that the king is dead – long live the king. USA
http://occlub.ru/images/posts/awards/OCC_editors_choice_160.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 2/3/12 OCCLUB RUSSIAN Несомненно, дебют компании Phanteks на рынке процессорных систем охлаждения получился очень уверенным. Кулер PH-TC14PE продемонстрировал высочайшую эффективность охлаждения и при этом весьма комфортный уровень шума. RUSSIA
http://www.nvidia.com.br/docs/IO/77850/xbitlabs_logo.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 2/2/12 XBITLABS ENGLISH As for the super-coolers tested in our today’s review, Phanteks PH-TC14PE is indisputably the best one in pure efficiency.. USA
Recommended CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/28/11 SWECLOCKERS SWEDISH Svårsmälta namnet PH-TC14PE är en utmärkt debut för Phanteks. Prestandan är mycket bra, också med medföljande motstånd då även ljudnivån sänks markant. Prisnivån 750 kronor inklusive moms känns dock väl tilltagen, och för den summan skulle till exempel PWM-kontrollerade fläktar vara grädden på moset. SWEDEN
http://www.custompcreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/CPCR-Gold-216x300.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/23/11 CUSTOM PC REVIEW ENGLISH The PH-TC14PE is an excellent product from Phanteks and is worthy of our CPC Certified Gold Award. The cpu cooler’s design, innovation and excellent performance truly makes it a top product USA
http://www.overclex.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/ocx_award_511.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/19/11 OVERCLEX FRENCH Il s’agit donc d’un refroidisseur taillé pour l’overclocking et qui vous permettra de pousser votre processeur sans difficulté !  Il pourrait venir se placer dans une configuration flirtant avec les 3GHz, mais ce ne serait pas lui faire honneur ;) FRANCE
gold trophy CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/13/11 INFO-MODS FRENCH Il est temps de conclure, Phanteks est tout jeune et déjà leurs premiers produits sont excellents tant par leur qualité que par leurs performances. Si Phanteks continue dans cette voie, il est fort à parier qu'ils deviendront un acteur majeur en aircoolng. FRANCE
Editors' Choice CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/4/11 OVERCLOCKERS CLUB ENGLISH For a newcomer to present its pilot product line and absolutely demolish the competition like Phanteks has, the company's statement is fitting: "Our expertise means no job is impossible." I hope that I get to see more from Phanteks in the future. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/1/11 TWEAKTOWN ENGLISH Phanteks really took the science of air cooling to new levels with the PH-TC14PE. Find the one that matches your build and enjoy superior cooling, ease of use and a cooler that just won’t quit. USA
http://www.xbitlabs.com/images/coolers/phanteks-ph-tc14pe/ultimate-innovation.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 12/29/11 XBITLABS ENGLISH Phanteks PH-TC14PE will undoubtedly be the best choice and will ensure your CPU stays cool at all times.  USA
http://www.pcbrain.it/images/stories/award/editor%20choice.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 11/27/11 PCBRAIN ITALIAN Giunti al termine della recensione, non possiamo non essere entusiasti del PH-TC14PE. Il cooler ha infatti dimostrato di essere il più performante fra tutti i dissipatori da noi testati già con l' ausilio di sole due ventole, ma anche i risultati ottenuti con una sola fan installata sono più che validi ITALY
Gold Hardware CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 11/24/11 GAMEZOOM GERMAN Ohne große Startschwierigkeiten hat es das Unternehmen unserem Kühler-Roundup mit dem neuen PH-TC14PE zu belegen. Verarbeitungsqualität und Leistung bewegen sich auf einem extrem hohen Niveau.Phanteks geschafft, einen der vorderen Plätze in GERMANY
http://elchapuzasinformatico.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Platino.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 11/19/11 EL CHAPUZAS INFORMATICO SPANISH Phanteks se adentra en el mercado con la mejor refrigeración por aire que tenemos en la actualidad, algo que no es fácil, desde hace años Noctua era la marca por excelencia para ofrecer la mejor refrigeración por aire, pero debe ceder el trono a Phanteks con su disipador PH-TC14PE. SPAIN
vorlage_okt11-cool-Phanteks k.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/30/11 ALLROUND-PC GERMAN Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist auf hohem Niveau und auch die Montage des Boliden ist selbst ohne fachmännische Kenntnisse kein Problem und binnen weniger Minuten erledigt. Um die Fairness in diesem Vergleich zu wahren, haben wir den Phanteks Kühler natürlich auch mit nur einem Lüfter getestet. GERMANY
http://cwsmgmt.corsair.com/media/Blogs/Neutron_GTX_RWLABS/Legit_Reviews.JPG CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/28/11 LEGIT REVIEWS ENGLISH The Phanteks PH-TC14PE is a solid performing but massive cooler, and an awesome first offering to the cooling world. If you are in the market for a high end air cooler, and have a case that can handle it the put the Phanteks PH-TC14PE on the short list. USA
http://www.overclocking-pc.fr/images/stories/smoub/tests/Phanteks/Rad_PH_PC14TE/1goldp1.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/23/11 OVERCLOCKING-PC FRENCH Niveau performance/bruit, le mode QSA est celui à retenir car il permet une bonne dissipation de la chaleur tout en préservant nos tympans. FRANCE
http://www.overclocking-pc.fr/images/stories/smoub/tests/Phanteks/Rad_PH_PC14TE/1goldp1.png FAN PH-F140TS 10/23/11 OVERCLOCKING-PC FRENCH Phanteks est donc un nouveau venu dans le monde du refroidissement et nous propose une première gamme de ventilateurs aux qualités remarquables. Les constructeurs bien en place depuis un moment vont devoir mettre les bouchées doubles s'ils ne veulent pas se faire voler la vedette par le petit newbie. FRANCE
Hi Tech Legion Editor's Choice Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/18/11 HITECHLEGION ENGLISH Performance of the Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler was excellent across the board, turning in the best benchmarks at HTL to date on both Intel and AMD platforms by a fairly wide margin. USA
http://www.centrale3d.com/local/cache-vignettes/L175xH128/Award-C3D-pha9e4-76831.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/13/11 CENTRALE3D FRENCH A telle point que nous pourrions vanter les mérites de ce Ventirad toute la journée, entre une qualité exceptionnelle, un bundle ultra complet, des performances de haut vol, le tout discrètement. FRANCE
http://mundobip.com/media/recomendado.gif CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/09/11 MUNDOBIP SPANISH Aunque también debemos decir, que el diseño es muy similar a un excelente disipador de la competencia. El PH-F140PE nos ha sorprendido por el excelente rendimiento que ha obtenido en todas las pruebas realizadas. SPAIN
Toimituksen valinta 2011 CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/7/11 MUROPAKETTI FINNISH Lähdimme testaamaan Phanteksin uutuuscooleria mielenkiinnolla ja suurin odotuksin, eikä se lopulta tuottanutkaan pettymystä. Phanteks PH-TC14PE on monilta osin kuin Noctuan coolerit aikoinaan. FINLAND
Product Excellent CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/5/11 HARD-H20 SPANISH Qué podemos decir de este primer disipador de Phanteks, simplemente espectacular. Los resultados hablan por sí solos; estamos ante un disipador que planta cara a la gama más alta actualmente disponible, marcas como Thermalright, Noctua o Corsair. SPAIN
Overclocking, Reviews, Guias, Noticias CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 10/3/11 OVERCLOCKERAR SPANISH  Los resultados, son muy claros, el Phanteks PH-TC14PE supera ampliamente al Prolimatech y rinde en casi todos los test igual o mejor que el hasta ahora mejor disipador del mercado, el Noctua NH-D14. ARGENTINA
Gran Compra FAN PH-F140TS 9/27/11 HARD-H2O SPANISH Phanteks se presenta como una bocanada de aire fresco; hemos podido comprobar la calidad de su primera serie de ventiladores de alto rendimiento. SPAIN
EYP Phanteks PH TC14PE OR CPU Cooler CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/23/11 PCKOLOJI TURKISH Performans anlamında en iyi sonuçları alma şansı veriyor olsa da bazı kullanıcılar daha bilinen markalara ya da kapalı sistem, az yer kaplayan su soğutma çözümlerine yönelebilir. TURKEY
http://www.cowcotland.com/images/awards/argent.gif CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/21/11 COWCOTLAND FRENCH Inutile de réfléchir très longtemps, le Phanteks écrase tout. Enfin, les quelques modèles qui sont passés sur notre nouveau banc de test. L'écart reste assez important entre le Phanteks et le Noctua, avec pas moins de 3°C avec un overclock FRANCE
http://infohw.com/wp-content/uploads/premios/performance.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/20/11 INFOHW PORTUGESE Focando o desempenho do dissipador, o PH-TC140PE é cerca de 2ºC mais eficiente que Noctua NH-D14 – diferença aumenta consoante ooverclocking), sem contudo ser mais ruidoso que este. BRAZIL
http://www.profesionalreview.com/web/images/Imagenes/general/medalla_oro.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/19/11 PROFESIONAL REVIEW SPANISH El rendimiento ofrecido es extraordinario. Como vemos en nuestra tabla se posiciona como el rey de la refrigeración por aire.  La diferencia entre el Corsair H80 y él ha sido de hasta de 6ºC. Aunque no a todo el mundo le gusta los kits cerrado de refrigeración líquida. ARGENTINA
http://www.hispazone.com/imagenes/premios/qualityprice.gif CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/19/11 HISPAZONE SPANISH Los resultados son buenos, a la par que los mejores disipadores del momento pero también tiene un precio por el que muchos preferirán la espectacularidad de un sistema de disipación por agua todo integrado. SPAIN
Phanteks PH-TC14PE_RD CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/18/11 TRAFICANTES DE HARDWARE SPANISH primer producto PH-TC14PE lanzado al mercado y Phanteks se coloca directamente en el TOP 1 codeándose con la élite Noctua o Prolimatech SPAIN
oro CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/16/11 XTREMEHARDWARE ITALIAN Il nuovissimo Phanteks PH-TC14PE è un ottimo dissipatore, in grado di garantire ottime performance in qualsiasi condizione. Prestazionalmente nulla da dire, è in grado di reggere alti livelli di overclock senza nessun problema ITALY
http://hardzone.es/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/recomendado2-300x300.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/9/11 HARDZONE.ES SPANISH Estoy gratamente sorprendido con Phanteks. Que una marca que acaba de nacer haya sacado un primer disipador que ha batido a todos los que han pasado por mis manos hasta el momento no es ninguna tontería. SPAIN
hw-legend-gold CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/9/11 HWLEGEND ITALIAN http://www.hwlegend.com/recensioni/videorecensioni/cooling/953.html?start=1 ITALY
http://www.islabit.com/wp-content/imagenes/raul/premios/logo-islabit-rendimiento.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/8/11 ISLABIT SPANISH Damos gustosamente la bienvenida a Phanteks, veremos qué nos ofrece en un futuro con su crecimiento... SPAIN
http://static.frazpc.pl/cms/2011/09/wydajnosc.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/7/11 FRAZ PC POLISH Ze względu na świetną wydajność i równie dobrze prezentujący się stosunek wydajności do hałasu, dobrą jakość wykonania i dobre wyposażenie chłodzenie Phanteksa zostaje wyróżnione w kategorii WYDAJNOŚĆ i JAKOŚĆ POLAND
http://www.idg.se/polopoly_fs/1.396339%21imageManager/922629622.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/5/11 EXTREME IDG SWEDISH Vi testade processorkylaren mot den populära Noctua NH-D14 och Phanteks fick lägre temperaturer och lägre ljudnivå (med motstånd).  SWEDEN
HardWare Análisis Golden Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 HARDWARE ANALISIS SPANISH En cuestión de rendimiento el Phanteks PH-TC14PE_BL se sitúa entre los mejores, consiguiendo unos resultados excelentes con cualquier tipo de procesador y bajo cualquier condición. SPAIN
old CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 HARDWARE MAX GERMAN wir sind schlichtweg beeindruckt von den Fähigkeiten im semipassiven Betrieb. Es gelang uns tatsächlich, den auf 5 Ghz übertakteten Intel 2500K selbst unter Prime95 semipassiv ausreichend zu kühlen. Die Temperaturen stiegen dabei auf rund 80°C und die Delta-Temperatur lag bei 58.4 Kelvin. GERMANY
 CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 RW LABS ENGLISH Phanteks caught many people off guard since no one really expected for the PH-TC14PE to outperform both the NH-D14 by Noctua and the Silver Arrow by Thermalright USA
gold award blacks CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 TECHNIC 3D GERMAN Phanteks ist ein sehr guter Einstieg in den Kühlermarkt gelungen. Der PH-TC14PE CPU-Kühler kann hier mit sehr guten Kühlleistungen punkten und zeigt einen großzügigen Lieferumfang. GERMANY
DeXgo Gold Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 DEXGO GERMAN Für ein "Erstlingswerk" können wir dem PH-TC14PE von Phanteks ein sehr positives Fazit ausstellen. Schon der Transportschutz, welche durch große Schaumstoffpolster realisiert wird, und auch der Lieferumfang, in dem bereits zwei 140-mm-Lüftern enthalten sind, wissen zu überzeugen. GERMANY
Award CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 METKU ENGLISH There we have it, the Phanteks PH-TC14PE is the highest performance air cooler we've reviewed so far! The difference between it and the Noctua is 2,5°C, with the Thermalright MUX-120 another 0,25°C behind USA
http://www.pcmhz.com/media/teste/2011/phanteks/PH-TC14PE/notare.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 PC MHZ ROMANIAN Este acolo, în grupul select al sistemelor de răcire pe aer ultra-performante, acolo unde bătălia se duce pentru valori de 0.5-1 grad Celsius. ROMANIA
http://www.madshrimps.be/files/public/MSreco_highend.png CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 9/1/11 MADSHRIMP ENGLISH While going head to head with the Noctua NH-D14, it finally succeeded to beat it by scoring a temperature half degree lower than the previous air cooling king, this while using the stock fans BELGIUM
https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSg5t0KgJbotqd4KVUMvha7QYds2Qvjw7MXLPv8ODwlGUrKED8P CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/31/11 PC ZOZNAM SLOVAK Že vás nezaujíma vzhľad? Nevadí, výkon vás určite bude. Myslím že PH-TC14PE je jedným z najvýkonnejších chladičov súčasnosti, ak nie aj ten najvýkonnejší. SLOVAKIA
http://www.vortez.net/index.php?ct=content&action=file&id=21 CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/31/11 VORTEZ ENGLISH There’s not a whole lot to hate about the Phanteks PH-TC14PE. It excels in all areas and most importantly of all; it is our new cooling king. USA
http://www.eteknix.com/wp-content/uploads/vb/2121-eTeknix%20platinum.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/31/11 ETEKNIX ENGLISH So as the assassin leaves its perch to take centre stage, knocking off the Noctua and Thermalright kings who have held the air cooling crown for so long we are left with just one thing to say; the king is dead, long live the king! USA
http://www.eteknix.com/wp-content/uploads/vb/2106-eTeknix%20gold.jpg FAN PH-F140TS 8/30/11 ETEKNIX ENGLISH overall we are extremely impressed with Phanteks’ PH-F140TS 140mm fan and don’t have any complaints. USA
http://www.syndrome-oc.net/images/stories/AwardsV2/4or.jpg CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 8/30/11 SYNDROME-OC FRENCH Comme vous pouvez le voir, les performances sont quelques peu supérieures au V8 de Cooler Master et cela se voit particulièrement en overclocking FRANCE
CPU COOLER Phanteks PH-TC14CS 11/10/12 PC-Max.de GERMAN Unter dem Strich aber hat sich der Phanteks PH-TC14CS auf Grund der herausragenden Verarbeitung, der sehr guten Kühlleistung bei geringer Bauhöhe unsere Empfehlung redlich verdient. GERMANY
CPU COOLER PH-TC14PE 11/09/12 BACK2GAMING ENGLISH Phanteks PH-TC14PE: first up, mad props goes to Phanteks for the fanless results, easily handling our hot Ivy Bridge chip without any fan. WITHOUT ANY FAN. USA
CPU COOLER PH-TC90LS 11/09/12 TWEAKTOWN ENGLISH The size of the cooler is great. It will fit in any chassis the motherboard will. I was really impressed with the noise levels that I got when using it as well. USA
Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler Review CPU COOLER PH-TC14CS 10/26/12 VR-ZONE ENGLISH If there is one thing that is perfect about the PH-TC14CS, that would be its quality. The PH-TC14CS is nothing short of immaculate, both in terms of craftsmanship and materials. USA-